Adding more dimensions for TV program by Virtual Camera

Apart from using images from cameras, RadStudio has a functionality to create its own virtual camera, where we can capture, zoom, tilt, and pan the perspective as if the images were from a real camera.

The interesting thing is, the virtual camera could be programmed to record at the preferred angles or record images in customised path. This virtual camera path includes the automated dolly, which shifts the virtual camera accordingly and automatically with the camera path. The automated dolly can also be programmed to move around specified viewpoints.

Once you have RadStudio and the automated dolly, the need of constructing a dolly track is negated and the overall cost of your broadcasting system subsides. RadStudio saves your time as much as your money when it comes with a user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to easily manipulate your show.

If you would like to see how virtual camera works in real action, you should visit our ‘Demo’ page under the ‘Virtual Camera Path’ section.

We are also happy to answer your questions and provide more information via emails. Contact us through ‘Contact Us’ page or directly at [email protected]

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