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Until now, you should have seen a wide variety of virtual studio utilization in television shows. While the settings and environment of the shows may look fresh and exciting, you may as well notice that some of the shows aren’t very virtually pleasing.

There is an easy explanation of the problem: the show’s image doesn’t look natural. The tenet of virtual studio is to show two layers of images at the same time, the real image layer and the 3D virtual image layer. But the objects in nature don’t appear that way. They have shadows between themselves and the surfaces they are on and they share the same light sources as their surfaces.  

However, if you are using RadStudio, you won’t have to worry about any of that. RadStudio is equipped with tools to add shadows (or reflections) and customize lighting, which will significantly help to improve realism in your show. Moreover, RadStudio includes a number of functionalities that will greatly enhance your work experience.

If you would like to see by yourself how adding shadows and adjusting lighting refine the quality of the show, you should visit our ‘Demo’ page under Dynamic Lighting (HDR) section.

We are also happy to answer your questions and provide more information via emails. Contact us through ‘Contact Us’ page or directly at [email protected]

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