Why are people afraid of camera tracking in virtual studio?

When talking about virtual studio in television broadcast, people usually think of green (or blue) screen with complex system. Within those complex system, lies an important part of the platform, the camera tracking technology.

The purpose of camera tracking is to pinpoint the perspective and position of the real camera comparing to the virtual world. Without this technology, the broadcast quality may effect in term of unrealistic visual result.

Most of the camera tracking technologies come with complicated optical or mechanical measurements and a number of hardware sensors, equipped inside the camera and at the top of the screen. Such set-up of camera tracking is costly and put a lot of requirements on both installation and learning curve time.


If the cost and complications of camera tracking scare you, which they probably would, RadStudio is your answer. By having our tracking information embedded into our special green screen, the ChromaScreen, RadStudio provides built-in full 3D camera tracking without any extra arrangement. Camera tracking has never been this easy otherwise.

You could see our technology in real action in Demo page or contact us for further presentation and demonstration.

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