Your complete virtual broadcast studio

RadStudio is a paradigm shift Digital Broadcast Production solution from Radical Angle. RadStudio is a proposed-built turn key computing appliance for creating a full featured digital broadcast studio environment. RadStudio can be operated with minimum resource and personnel comparing to traditional screen set approach. The system has been specially designed to generate CNN quality broadcast content using proprietary precision robotic vision technologies. The result content is a real time immersive 3D virtual reality, which has visual quality surpassed the result from physical broadcast system with traditional green screen.

Virtual Camera Tracking

The core technology of RadStudio is the Visual Tracking technology from robotic research, the special code on green screen with computing algorithm that can synchronize real object with the virtual environment in real-time. No matter how the camera moves, the background is always rendered ‘in sync’ as if your virtual environment exists for real. The technology eliminate the need for production studio to physically install special camera tracking hardware on the production set. All you need is just a 3d virtual production set create from 3D computer graphic software like Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, or Lightwave. The tracking information can even be transferred to 3D software to assist additional CG works that can expand the visual quality dimension of the result production.

Real-time chroma keying

An intelligent automatic keying algorithm is employed for easy-to-use experience.  No chroma-keying hardware is needed, thanks to our advanced chroma-keying algorithm that automatically adjusts alpha mask for seamless real-time compositing of live result.

Parallel Processing for real-time production of 3D programs

To reproduce the 3D result with accurate tracking synchronization in real-time, RadStudio utilize a new algorithm by harnessing the power of parallel processing from super computing performance multi-core GPU. The system simultaneously processes vast stream of graphical data and renders profound live result suitable for output requirement. It mean that you could produce richer and smoother 3D virtual program with minimum or no post-production.

Ease of use

Think of RadStudio as PowerPoint for broadcasting . You can use the RadStudio visual environment to edit and create your own unique program by using our drag-and-drop interface to arrange elements such as virtual scenes, logo, text, 3D objects, graphs, videos, images, audio and other overlays. Best of all, everything can be inserted and reproduced in real-time, so you can broadcast or record a rich professional content for your audience without painful post-production.

Endless possibilities in composing media, all can be edited in layers

Layers are an important concept of RadStudio editing environment. They are responsible for rendering visual elements. You can put any number of layers in stack, similarly in concept to graphic editing software like PhotoShop, turned each layer on or off to configure your layers to create result your own way. Everything can be changed on the fly even while the show is being on-air.

Multimedia content

RadStudio has ability to compose visual content with various inputs; live video from cameras, microphones and audio mixers, as well as pre-recorded material such as movies, sound clips, text and graph. It is capable of real-time playback of 2D multimedia content embedded in the background, foreground, or inside virtual monitor windows within the 3D virtual environment.

Profit Generation Channel

Program Producer can utilize RadAngle content object insertion to create a profit channel for the program. From sponsor logo, advertising clip in the background, or even regenerate the model of the product like virtual car or walk through tour of real estate in real time.

3D Object Artistic freedom

RadStudio give artistic freedom for producer or program set designer to create their own 3D object from other software like 3D Max, Maya, or Blender. The 3D Object can be inserted into the virtual set as part of the virtual set or insert it in realtime while on the air.

Fit with any production workflow

RadStudio is designed to be flexible, it can be integrated seamlessly into your existing workflow. You can use post production result from any existing production system, then mix it together with the new 3D digital model, and even spice it up with external input or visual live feed. Everything is possible with RadStudio, see it to believe it.

Features Overview

  • Virtual Studio Production

    – Real-Time production capable
    – Live preview with real-time camera pose matching CG scene
    – User-friendly GUI with joystick control for virtual camera manipulation

  • Camera Tracking

    – Proprietary image processing based solution; No special-purposed tracking sensors required
    – Full camera motion tracking with complete 6 degrees of freedom
    – Low process latency: 7 frames tracking delay
    – Hand-held camera compatible
    – Tracking log recorder for post-production

  • CG and Composition

    – Advanced chromakey function specially designed for digital video
    – DirectX based scene renderer with full GPU utilization for maximum performance
    – Supported real-time rendering options:  dynamic light, multi-texturing, bump map, environment map, shadow map, glow, HDR, fog, reflection
    – Proprietary automatic shadow construction and color correction for seamless composition

  • Virtual Scene Management

    – Interactive scene editing with user-friendly GUI
    – Supported 3D object formats: 3ds, DirectX Mesh, Google SketchUp
    – Animated object supported

RadStudio VS Others

Current ApproachRadStudio
Traditional virtual studio providers
Expensive equipment; camera with tracking hardwareWe enable real-time 3D visual tracking that eliminates the need for expensive hardware
Normal green/blue screen usersGreen screen with chroma-keying to subtract background from real objects; producing a ‘flat’ or 2D experienceWe provide a real-time 3D virtual environment builder that augments the ‘realness’ factor of virtual reality

RadStudio Model

FeaturesRebel LiteRebelMaverickGrandBroadcast
Production Space (sq-m)
2.4 2.4 x 2.43.6 x 3.66.0 x 6.0
Real Time 3D Tracking Camera Input– (upgradable to 1)24
3D Position Initial Camera Input2 (upgradable to 4)
Live Camera Input Sources22 (upgradable to 4)2 (upgradable to 4)4
Included Scenes55812
Live Insert Input via LanOptionalOptionalYesYes
Live Video Adjustment OptionalOptionalYesYes
Redundant ProductionYes

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