Real time shadow, reflection and realistic quality of broadcasting

Upon the emergence of digital television and online channels, various technologies have been utilized to enhance broadcast quality. Among those, one of the most widely used technology in broadcasting industry is virtual studio.

Virtual studio simulates broadcast scenes, from normal newsrooms to something fancier, so producers don’t have to be concern about the limitation of the resources to produce the broadcast background set relative to his/her creativity. Since virtual studio unleashes producers’ imagination while saving production cost and time, it has become the modern broadcast production trend.

How to create realistic broadcast from virtual studio?

At present, a question of whether using virtual studio is a good choice has been well answered, producers have come to demand the realism from the virtual studio. Traditional technique of chroma key (green screen to separate people from the background) may result in flat images which appear unattached to the scenes.

RadStudio does better by creating shadows between objects and the scenes, across the vertical or horizontal plane, with or without reflective background. The shadows will add the depth into the scenes and improve the realistic quality to the audiences’ eyes.

Why shadow is important?

Shadow is what connects objects to virtual scenes, unify the real and virtual objects as if they were in the same room. More importantly for the shadow that changes dynamically, the reality becomes much more immersive relatively.

RadStudio has flexible shadowing effect. You could easily insert shadow and define its angle and opacity through our software directly and immediately like no other.

Thus, as aforementioned, shadowing is a crucial step in augmenting realistic quality of broadcasting. If you are interested in this technology, please visit Realtime Shadow and Reflection corner in our demo page for more information.



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