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Adding more dimensions for TV program by Virtual Camera

Apart from using images from cameras, RadStudio has a functionality to create its own virtual camera, where we can capture, zoom, tilt, and pan the perspective as if the images were from a real camera.

The interesting thing is, the virtual camera could be programmed to record at the preferred angles or record images in customised path. This virtual camera path includes the automated dolly, which shifts the virtual camera accordingly and automatically with the camera path. The automated dolly can also be programmed to move around specified viewpoints. Read more

Radstudio bring out the beauty in detail

Until now, you should have seen a wide variety of virtual studio utilization in television shows. While the settings and environment of the shows may look fresh and exciting, you may as well notice that some of the shows aren’t very virtually pleasing.

There is an easy explanation of the problem: the show’s image doesn’t look natural. The tenet of virtual studio is to show two layers of images at the same time, the real image layer and the 3D virtual image layer. But the objects in nature don’t appear that way. They have shadows between themselves and the surfaces they are on and they share the same light sources as their surfaces.   Read more

Real time shadow, reflection and realistic quality of broadcasting

Upon the emergence of digital television and online channels, various technologies have been utilized to enhance broadcast quality. Among those, one of the most widely used technology in broadcasting industry is virtual studio.

Virtual studio simulates broadcast scenes, from normal newsrooms to something fancier, so producers don’t have to be concern about the limitation of the resources to produce the broadcast background set relative to his/her creativity. Since virtual studio unleashes producers’ imagination while saving production cost and time, it has become the modern broadcast production trend. Read more