Camera tracking with hand-held camera

Realtime Shadow and Reflection

This clip shows how RadStudio handles reflection and shadow of actor in real time from our virtual lighting setup.

Target Locking

With Virtual Camera, you can set any number of viewpoint in your virtual set, preset your virtual camera to lock its viewpoint. Press your customized button, and voila.

Virtual Camera Path

Directing your camera movement, You can always setup camera walk through with Virtual Camera Path.

Dynamic Lighting (HDR)

Highlight and shadow effect is always a problem to replicate correctly in Virtual Set. RadStudio HDR features save you from trouble. Let’s watch how moving lighting effect highlight and shadow in this HDR enabled clip.

Bloom Effect

Bloom Effect show how RadStudio replicates the real camera effect. The glow of bright light or the camera fringe from lens is reproduced faithfully as if we are using the real camera instead of virtual camera in Virtual Set.

Realtime Scene Editor

RadStudio come built-in with scene editor. You can even edit your scene while its on-air. Moving your 3D objects around in the scene without script doesn’t sound like the good idea, but hey we can.

Action Script Editor

Sometime reproduce the new 3D model for Virtual Set with different color or ambient could be both time consuming and expensive process. You can choose to change those attribute by using our action script editor without recreate your new scene.

On Stage

US-Election news report from one of news channel in Thailand.

RadStudio – Virtual Studio in Action

RadStudio features in various shows of Nation Channel, including financial, IT and music settings. The Virtual Studio works smoothly in prerecorded and live with complete functions you need to adapt to any kind of show.