Radical Angle allows everyone to create CNN’s quality 3D virtual programs

Radical Angle is part of Wavify, a collaboration solution company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Radical Angle acquired a 3D virtual set technology and intellectual properties from ISLT Lab, a robotic vision specialist, in early 2013. Radical Angle aims to adapt robotic vision technologies to create a next generation broadcast tool that utilizes power of 3D graphic advancement in the past 20 years.

Radical Angle opens new opportunities for producer and production designer to explore and create all kind of new ideas with award winning RadStudio Appliance. Producer can now create richer live programs to attract wider ranges of viewers. Education channel can produce series of professional educational material in real time to draw a new distant learning market. Business channel can run up to minute business news, product keynote announcement, and major live events to capture instant audience and channel brand awareness. Radical Angle solutions give the benefit of cost saving, and ability to reproduce 3D environment in real‐time.


  • 2009

    ISLT LAB started Robotic vision technology research

  • 2010

    Adaptation of robotic vision become the first release of  ISLT called The Broadcaster

  • 2011

    Multiple success deployments in APAC including: Nation Channel, and True Cable

  • 2012

    Acquired by Radical Angle and Released “RadStudio Appliance”