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Radical Angle

At Radical Angle, we are motivated by a mission to create a better 3D real-time production tool for Visual Broadcast industry. Radical Angle powerful 3D virtual set solution, RadStudio, combines robotic vision technology research with dedicated graphic processing hardware with super-computing performance.
RadStudio enables any program producer to generate a stunning CNN quality broadcast content without expensive and time consuming production set approach.

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  • Real

    Make your vision real with our real-time shadow and reflection effect, and automatic matching keying process.

  • Easy

    Compare to powerpoint for broadcasting studio. Any scene, actor, lighting, effect, and movement could be added, sequenced, layered upon, and recorded in real-time.

  • Flexible

    Design to be flexible, RadStudio can be integrated seamlessly into any existing workflow.

  • Full Service

    Come ready for mission-critical broadcast with hand-holding training, 7×24 on-site service, and readily spare parts support.

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