Virtual Studio System and Compatibility

The number of virtual studio technology in the market is getting bigger from day to day along with the growing trend of virtual studio in broadcast industry. The softwares are usually built around the same conceptualization, though some, like RadStudio, may use more complex technology than the others.

However, the algorithm inside should not be your only consideration when buying a virtual studio software. Another interesting aspect we would like to advice you to take into the weight up of your decision is compatibility.

Compatibility is of either hardware or software. You may have known that one of the benefits you will get from switching from traditional to virtual studio is that virtual studios will noticeably save your cost. Hence, it would be futile if your existing hardware or software could not work with your to-be-newly-installed virtual studio system and leads to you spending more money.

Some virtual studio softwares are designed to work only with one or two specific brands of equipment meanwhile some could only work with few certain formats of computer graphic software. Think about the money you will be pouring into new computer graphic software, new cameras or new equipment, on top of the money you’ll pay for the virtual studio itself. It is not going to be very economic is it?

RadStudio on the other hand is designed to be very flexible. Our virtual studio software is built to work with a wide range of equipment brands and equally huge list of computer graphic softwares and file formats. Other than that, RadStudio has an intelligent algorithm which simulates the camera tracking and eliminates the need of expensive camera tracking hardware.

Now that you have known how important flexibility of the software is, if you are interested, or you have any question, please let us hear from you through our ‘Contact Us’ page, or email [email protected]

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