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RadStudio – Virtual Studio in Action

RadStudio features in various shows of Nation Channel, including financial, IT and music settings. The Virtual Studio works smoothly in prerecorded and live with complete functions you need to adapt to any kind of show.
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Virtual Studio System and Compatibility

The number of virtual studio technology in the market is getting bigger from day to day along with the growing trend of virtual studio in broadcast industry. The softwares are usually built around the same conceptualization, though some, like RadStudio, may use more complex technology than the others.

However, the algorithm inside should not be your only consideration when buying a virtual studio software. Another interesting aspect we would like to advice you to take into the weight up of your decision is compatibility. Read more

Why are people afraid of camera tracking in virtual studio?

When talking about virtual studio in television broadcast, people usually think of green (or blue) screen with complex system. Within those complex system, lies an important part of the platform, the camera tracking technology. Read more

Radical Angle introduces RadStudio, the complete virtual broadcast studio with full 3d camera tracking

Radical Angle has just launched a new technology for full 3d camera tracking. With RadStudio, camera tracking has never been this easy before. Combining special ChromaScreen with robotic vision technology, the result is total solution for virtual broadcast studio platform.

RadStudio will enhance the realism of the virtual studio system with real-time shadow and reflection effects, and automatic matching key process. The operation will then become more user-friendly and without hardware sensors like before.  RadStudio can be integrated seamlessly into any existing workflow and come ready for mission-critical broadcast with hand-holding training, 24-7 on-site service, and readily spare parts support.
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