Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa in a Legal Battle Over the Sex Cassette

Jennifer Lopez and her first man, Ojani Noa, are within a legal struggle over a two-decade-old sex tape. The footage was reportedly taken during Lopez’s honeymoon in 97.

In the a few months following their divorce, Noa attempted to make money off his former partner and attempted to release a tell-all book containing accusations of multiple affairs and betrayals. However , he was prevented by doing so simply by Lopez, who all obtained a restraining order.

The moment Noa attempted to publish the book, having been ordered to hold the material coming from being released by the Los Angeles arbitrator. A judge also found that he could hardly disparage his ex-wife.

Following the split, Lopez filed a lawsuit against Noa for $10 million. Your lady claimed that Noa had breached her privacy clause within their contract. Also, he previously violated the agreement by simply allegedly attempting to produce the videotape.

In answer, Lopez triumphed in $545, 1000 in arbitration. Now, the couple’s organization partner, Impotence Meyer, comments that he may soon relieve the footage on a internet service.

Even though the video could still be unpleasant for J-Lo, she will not be able to prevent being released. Corresponding to Meyer, there’s a legal loophole which allows him to achieve this.

Noa’s manager said that you will find 27 several hours of online video. The photos includes regarding 15 minutes of nudity.

Though the footage is certainly unlikely to ever be released widely, the legal battle among Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa is certainly far from over.

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